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Piraeus Partner Profile

On the coast, south of Athens, Piraeus has an important position geographically and is home to a major EU freight port.

About the city

About the policy context

The good practice will be transferred within the following policy contexts:

Strengths and Weaknesses



Opportunities and Threats



A description of the Good Practice challenge in the city

The city wants to transform its economy from one, which historically was reliant on traditional sectors to one with a range of high quality jobs for all citizens, and closely linked to Blue Growth. To this end, since 2014 it has been delivering the Blue Growth Initiative, which supports the development of start-ups, incubates new companies, facilitates and accelerates knowledge transfer and offers mentoring support and a platform for collaboration in the blue growth sector.

To date 20 start-ups have been developed, creating 45 jobs. This has been recognised as an URBACT good practice and Piraeus is leading a transfer network within this theme called BLUACT.

Piraeus & TechRevolution

Piraeus wants to build on this and will use TechRevolution to…

Learn from others and inform the delivery of the Blue Growth Digital Innovation Hub (BG-DIH) which has a planned opening date of early 2019, (supported with €1.8m funding from the Attica Regional Authority)

The URBACT Local Group (ULG)

The ULG will spin out of the pre-existing Maritime Hellas Cluster, the ITI Project Management Team and the BlueGrowth Initiative Marinescape. Its objectives include:

ULG membership will include main actors of the BGI MarineScape. Indicatively such stakeholders will be: Municipality of Piraeus (Executive City Councilor’s Office for Local Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship , Piraeus’ ITI Intermediate Body), University of Piraeus, Piraeus University of Applied Science, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH), Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries of Piraeus, Hellenic Chamber of Shipping, Aephoria.Net (incubator cooperating with the municipality on the BGI competition) and STRATEGIS-Maritime ICT cluster.

Assets for, and barriers to, transfer

The city has significant experience in the Blue Growth field and an increasingly recognised blue economy cluster. There is a vibrant entrepreneurial culture, an ambition to do something big and meaningful in this space, an existing community committed to delivery and a clear understanding of the various essential components of a tech entrepreneurship ecosystem. In addition the municipality now has 4 years’ experience delivering the Blue Growth Initiative (funded through private sector sponsorship) and has secured resources along with strong political commitment to deliver a blue growth digital innovation hub. The hub sits alongside 14 other actions framed within an Integrated Territorial Investment programme which, together, devote a significant €25.4m to entrepreneurship and business innovation.

However there are a number of perceived challenges, which include:

Practical steps to transfer the GP

Piraeus is interested in using the following techniques to transfer the good practice:

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