About Us

The tech and digital economy is booming and it’s booming at a pace that’s hard to keep up with unless you’re in the middle of the tech world. How can cities, businesses, education and people find relevant information to help empower them to grow this ‘new’ industry?

What good examples are out there? Where can all of these different people aiming to make a difference find each other?

The answer is TechPlace.online.

The TechPlace community is here for anyone who is actively trying to grow their local, regional or national tech sector. It’s a place for public sector people working in cities and regions, or even national government and agencies; it’s a place for private sector people building their own businesses or wanting to be part of a tech growth agenda; it’s a place for educators and academia driving new tech knowledge.

In essence, it’s a place for those who want to make a positive difference to the tech and digital economy across the EU and beyond. We are building a community of interest, and a safe place to ask stupid questions!

TechPlace has grown from a number of URBACT Action Planning Networks including TechTown, GEN Y CITY and Interactive Cities and is a capitalisation initiative sharing learnings from these partnerships as well as a wide range of case studies and stories about cities growing their tech economies. Browse the site, read and enjoy the content and then join our growing Slack based community to share your ideas, thoughts and questions with like minded people.