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Communications, Dissemination and Network Outputs

Communications and Dissemination

This study has explored the potential for transfer from Barnsley to the partner cities. The challenge will be to disseminate the learning from this work to policy makers and practitioners from outside the network. The main vehicles to be used for this purpose are defined in the Transfer Network Guide as being the URBACT mini-site, a network poster, network logo and visual identity plus dissemination events both at programme and local level.

A full communications strategy will be prepared in the first quarter of Phase 2 which will cover:

Discussions in Phase 1 have reached some initial conclusions in each of these areas as follows [we will use these questions for the comms workshop in Barnsley in Sept 2018]:

1. Our key message

TechRevolution’s goal is to help medium sized cites both within and outside the network to believe in the ‘art of the possible’ when it comes to growing digital jobs. For example we want to inspire medium sized towns and cities to believe that they can make a contribution to growing the digital economy and to give them an understanding of what works, and what doesn’t based on TechRevolution partner cities. Whilst the key messages will evolve during the course of the network, initial conversations suggest that these might include:

2. Who the network wants to reach

TechRevolution partners want to reach change-makers in medium sized cities. These may be policy makers, politicians, practitioners or simply local entrepreneurs, founder, start-ups or tech ecosystem stakeholders championing the digital economy. The target audience also includes business intermediaries, funders, education and training providers, other hubs or incubators, employment brokerage services.y

3. How they consume information and how best to reach them

It seems highly likely that many of our audience will consume their information digitally. They are probably also overwhelmed by the volume of information they are expected to consume.

4. What the network plans to produce, when and who will be involved

With all of this in mind at this point the outputs to be produced are expected to be ‘bite size’ at least at the point of entry with more detailed substance available subsequently. To be impactful the communication outputs need to be accessible and / or highly visual. This is why, as well as this pdf version of the Transferability Study, an alternative web-based version has already been produced and is available here.

Network outputs

TechRevolution will take every opportunity to showcase the work of the network, through social media (particularly Twitter) and through outputs to be showcased on the URBACT mini site and elsewhere. Partners want to share the lessons learnt with other cities as well as presenting their key findings to a wider audience. The mandatory network outputs are listed below:

For TechRevolution the main inputs for the Transfer Treasure Box will be