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Bacau Partner Profile

Bacau is in the North East of Romania and sits on the Bistrita River. Despite huge job losses in heavy industry during the 1990’s, employment in manufacturing is growing and accounts for 28% of employment.

About The City

About the policy context

The good practice will be transferred within the following policy contexts:

Strengths and Weaknesses



Opportunities and Threats



A description of the Good Practice challenge

With the challenge of transforming the city into a digital city, Bacau municipality wants to learn from expertise and experience from other cities in order to better prepare its citizens (young and old) for the challenges of the digital economy. It wants to diversify its economy and sees supporting entrepreneurship as a prerequisite for successful economic growth. It also wants to develop new and better business support infrastructure and sees international links and collaboration as an essential element of this work.

The URBACT Local Group (ULG)

The ULG will spin out of an Innovation Consortium and will:

ULG membership will include: the Municipality, Local Development Agency, School Inspectorate, University, Romanian Smart City and Mobility Association, Rubikhub (co working space from neighbouring town), businesses (TELEKOM, Orange, Vodafone), Local Environment agency, Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture

Assets for, and barriers to, transfer

In 2017 Bacau was Youth Capital of Romania which created an energy and momentum around the potential of entrepreneurship for young people. Bacau has a Business Centre which is currently used predominantly for public events, is out of town and under used. It is in the process of developing the ‘Youth Hub – Cinema Horizon’, a business incubator in a landmark city centre location, with €4.5m from ERDF.

The overall aim is to create sustainable hub for innovative SME’s, helping them to survive and thrive in the vulnerable early years. Ultimately this project aims to have economic impact at regional level and includes objectives around the creation of high value knowledge-based jobs, innovation in creative and digital sectors, creating a network of mentors, increasing the numbers of digital and creative start-ups (particularly those founded by women and minority groups) and creating meaningful links with knowledge exchange and innovation partners.

The city is in the process of finalising an ERDF grant agreement which will enable it to transform an unused cinema- 5 minutes walk from the city’s 2 universities – into an incubation and acceleration space.

In addition, in 2017, Bacau organised a City Hackathon, which aimed to increase the number of citizens that use civic applications in order to report or contribute to solving different city challenges. Stimulating partnerships that reduce the gap between public administration and the digital environment are seen as key.

However, the city lacks an entrepreneurial or start-up culture and perceives its geographical location as somewhat of a challenge, not being close to any other business centres. In addition:

Practical steps to transfer

Bacau is interested in using the following techniques to transfer the good practice:

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